Healthy Food Choices for Babies 4-12 Months

In general, infants have begun to be given additional intake in addition to breast milk at the age of 4-6 months and above. So that its development goes well, it is recommended to provide healthy food for babies according to their age. Before thinking about healthy food for your baby, you should also consider the baby's readiness to accept solid food. The best time to introduce solid food to your baby is when he already has the readiness and ability to eat. Generally, the signs of Little One is ready to eat, will appear when he reaches 4-6 months. The Indonesian Pediatrician Association (IDAI) recommends giving solid food to babies starting at the age of 6 months. Mother does not need to rush to provide healthy solid food for your child. It is not recommended to give solid food to babies younger than 4 months. This is because the baby does not yet have the physical ability to swallow solid food safely before he is 4 months old. This is also related to the digestive system of ba
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